Fairchild's Oyster Bar

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Here I am again, doing what I hate most... Telling people that a place in a Casino is good. Why do I hate doing this? First of all it is rare I like any food from any casino unless you are in one of their top tier restaurants. Secondly I hate supporting Casinos when their are great local places to eat. Finally I hate doing it because I have such a hard time convincing people that my taste-buds are not broken! But tucked away in the Silver Legacy is a restaurant that I really enjoyed.

Let me tell you what you will not find here; Spicy Cajun seafood that you can only find on the Gulf coast or from kitchens of people from the Gulf Coast. What you will find though is tasty seafood dishes named as if they were Spicy Cajun Seafood from the Gulf Coast. What does that all mean? Simple really, fresh tasting, flavorful seafood that you will enjoy eating until your tummies are bursting! I also have to give a special nod to their bread sticks. They really are great!

I had pan roast, Zo had fish and chips and we shared some crab cakes. All of the food was very tasty and I really enjoyed the location, friendly employees and atmosphere of the Oyster Bar. it really reminded me of a fish-shack on the Gulf, minus being able to look out at the Gulf and smell fresh fish being caught.

If you are looking for a quick seafood fix in Reno, NV you could do far far worse than stopping by this great Casino Restaurant.

What Francis says: In a casino; check, good food; check, wait how did that happen?!? But seriously this place is worth checking out!

What Zo says: My second favorite fish and chips in Reno!

Thai Lotus (Reno, NV)

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Thai Lotus is one of my new favorite places to catch lunch in Reno. You get not only great tasting but beautifully presented food. Your meal comes out on a large ornate platter with a small salad, a rice paddie, your main course and an egg roll each on their own dish. The effect along with the friendly servers makes you think that you should be paying far more than the usual $8 bucks!

It is a great place to have a casual business meeting as well as have a quick romantic bite to eat.

I really need to stop by for dinner soon!


What Francis says: Great food, great atmosphere, great presentation, great price, just plain great!

What Zo says: Francis has not taken me yet, he needs to!

Country Garden Restaurant (Reno, NV)

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I finally took Zo to Arlington Gardens or rather my mother finally took us both. I have been telling Zo for 2 years that I would take her for lunch but we have never gone. Why? I do not have a clue! It may be because it was always hard to get into. You had to make reservations sometimes a day in advance. If you have not been there in a while and this was one of the reasons you stopped going you should defiantly rediscover it.

You can still call ahead but in the past 4 months it has not been overly crowded. They've have been able to easily squeeze us in last minute. The food is still as tasty as ever and the environment is great for any type of business meeting or romantic luncheon get together.

What Francis says: Great atmosphere, great service, good food.

What Zo says: Why did Francis take so long to bring me here? It is a fabulous place to have lunch!

Arlington Gardens Mall: Country Garden Restaurant
606 West Plumb Lane, Reno, NV 89509-3689
(775) 825-0213‎

Santa Fe (Reno, NV)

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Traditional Basque Dining family style dinner at its best! There are a few really good basque family style restaurants around Reno but the Santa Fe has to be my favorite. Even the location feels special in the bottom floor of the old Santa Fe Hotel. the service is always great, the food is always tasty and their is always way more than you could ever eat! If you love basque food and family style dinners make sure to give this place a try!

What Francis Says: I highly suggest ordering the Oxtail as your appetizer it goes great with the lamb, pork or steak!

What Zo says: Really great place to go with small or large groups of friends, nummy food!

Firkin' Wolf Pub

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The Firkin' chain of British Pubs is owned and operated by a British Canadian company. Confusing? YES! Although we usually do not stop in huge corporate chain restaurants we were looking for something we had not had and had burgers and brews.

The atmosphere is defiantly friendly and clean, even the menus are clean, I commented on this and was told they wipe them down every month. We ordered some appetizers, some brews and a burger. The burger was alright, the appetizers were pretty darn good and the brews were great! They have a huge beer and ale selection with just enough home town and microbreweries to fill it out. They even had my dad's favorite Samuel Smith's Out meal stout that I have not seen in 6 years. I ordered one and I have to say it is one of the best beers I have ever had. Zo had a Belgian White from the tap that was crisp, light and fruity.

The servers are super friendly, informative and helpful.

What Francis says: Great place to share a brew and appetizer while watching a game.

What Zo says: Great selection of Beers and Ales, OK burgers.

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