Fairchild's Oyster Bar

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Here I am again, doing what I hate most... Telling people that a place in a Casino is good. Why do I hate doing this? First of all it is rare I like any food from any casino unless you are in one of their top tier restaurants. Secondly I hate supporting Casinos when their are great local places to eat. Finally I hate doing it because I have such a hard time convincing people that my taste-buds are not broken! But tucked away in the Silver Legacy is a restaurant that I really enjoyed.

Let me tell you what you will not find here; Spicy Cajun seafood that you can only find on the Gulf coast or from kitchens of people from the Gulf Coast. What you will find though is tasty seafood dishes named as if they were Spicy Cajun Seafood from the Gulf Coast. What does that all mean? Simple really, fresh tasting, flavorful seafood that you will enjoy eating until your tummies are bursting! I also have to give a special nod to their bread sticks. They really are great!

I had pan roast, Zo had fish and chips and we shared some crab cakes. All of the food was very tasty and I really enjoyed the location, friendly employees and atmosphere of the Oyster Bar. it really reminded me of a fish-shack on the Gulf, minus being able to look out at the Gulf and smell fresh fish being caught.

If you are looking for a quick seafood fix in Reno, NV you could do far far worse than stopping by this great Casino Restaurant.

What Francis says: In a casino; check, good food; check, wait how did that happen?!? But seriously this place is worth checking out!

What Zo says: My second favorite fish and chips in Reno!


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